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Jan 15 2009

Posted By: Paul 08/05/2009 07:10:00

This week with the thoughts of long hot summer days being only the faintest memory, I have decided to warm you up with some nice tropical thoughts. A few years ago there was a television series by Monty Don called "Around the World in 80 Gardens" in one particular episode they talked about Cuba, and how the country has coped with producing food and fuel since the demise of the USSR. In case you didn't see it I've found a copy of the episode on youtube (see below).

I have for a long time been interested in permaculture and being self sufficient and the thought of any entire country being forced into self sufficiency, almost overnight, amazed me. What's more with the lack of a chemical industry at their disposal Cuban's had to look for alternatives to fertilizers and pesticides.

With the huge increases in food costs around the world it would seem to me in my simplistic and idealistic way, that Cuba has a food production model that the rest of the world should be looking to emulate. It also seems to be the best definition of 'Organic' I have come across. This weeks competition question is based on the Cuban's Urban food growing, and I have included a web page covering some of the key facts and figures. Hopefully there will be some areas to inspire you in your garden this year

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