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A glut of Courgettes

Posted By: paul 24/08/2009 14:16:00

What am I going to do with all my Courgette?

What am I going to do with all my Courgette? Well actually they are as large as Marrows. Since I have got back from my holidayI have harvested24 'marrows' and countless courgette's, next year I will have to plant less of them. I've run out of recipes too. Stuffed Marrow, diced and with garlic and herbs, Marrow au Gratin. In fact I went to Google to find more recipes (Results). The next thing is to use them in Chutney, so in the next few days I will be making some of the River Cottage Glutney from Hugh's Preservers recipe book. It's a perfect way to use up the excess of the season and keep it stored over the winter. In case you haven't got enough jam jars for making chutney, you can buy all sorts of storage jars on Ebay like these ones.

This week I have been digging up the last of the potatoes and storing them inthe garage. Dark, dry and cool are the main requirements for good vegetable storage, and also pest free. With such a large amount to be harvested from the allotments and garden this year I am having to build new shelves in the garage. To keep the costs down I am using old pallets as the shelves, and some reclaimed wood for the uprights. Once built I am going to cover the whole thing with small 'rabbit' wire and put wire doors on the front to keep the vermin out. With any luck we'll have a whole winter of veg to keep us out of Tescos.

Good new, this week I have finally got permission to put up a shed on the allotment. I know most allotments allow you to have sheds by default, but not ours I'm afraid. To be entitled to get a shed and allotment owner needs to have more than 140m2 of plot and as each of the plots are only 100m2 they're not too common. Now I'm on the scavenge for unwanted sheds in my local area.

On the allotment the harvesting is continuing well with lots of Rainbow Chard, Chicory, and Radicchio, and the Courgette's of course. The Crown Prince Squashes are invading other allotments and escaping into the hedgerow. Turnips, Beetroot's and Potatoes are still producing and the Carrots are finally getting to a reasonable size. Back at home in the raised bed the Spinach and Rocket are still going and the Kohl Rabi was eaten by Slugs, grrrr!

Jobs for the weekend apart from the usual weeding, will be to get the last of the winter Brassicas plants planted, and start clearing the old potato beds for the Manure delivery. Also this weekend I am off to do a 'Herb Walk' with Eleanor Gallia who lives just round the corner. Eleanor has been running herb walks with River Cottage this year and she also offers walks around the Nether Cerne Estate. I'm hoping to learn a bit more about herbal remedies and maybe plan out a large herb garden next year. If you are down in Dorset and you fancy a herb walk you can contact Eleanor through her website at

Did you notice that there where two mentions of River Cottage? (now three) I should be working on commission Hugh ;-)

Have a good weekend and happy Gardening!


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