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Feb 19 2009

Posted By: Paul 08/05/2009 07:16:00

To start of this week I have an apology to everyone who had trouble trying to get hold of Claire's Allotment video. I had hundreds of message saying where is the video, so I apologize to all the people I did not reply to. This weeks video is about Mushroom Growing kits. Something I have had very little success with in the past, but I will give it another go. I have included a URL to the video as well as embedding it in the newsletter.

I heard on Radio Four yesterday, the sales of books about 'Allotments' and 'Growing your own vegetables' has risen by 200% over the past few months. And one of the most popular Self Sufficiency related books is about raising chickens. This is good news indeed, I would love to see chickens in everyone's back gardens. We have had our Eight chickens now for almost exactly a year, and whilst the egg laying dropped to 3-4 per day during mid-winter we are now rapidly returning to almost 8 a day now. Not only do the chickens provide us with an abundance of eggs, they are also very helpful in the garden when it comes to pests. This week I have been tidying up the garden and raking up and stray leaves, and the chickens have been following me around scratching and pecking at the grubs as they go. If only I could sneak them onto the allotment for a quick de-pesting session.

Whilst I'm on the subject of Chickens and Eggs, I read this week that eggs are now good for you again. The original study in 1974 that found eggs are bad for you, has been overturned in a new study which found, the Cholesterol in an egg was not ingested into the body, as eggs contain something which blocks the absorption. Hooray! I wonder when someone will do a study into the effects of growth hormones in our food? I pretty sure they can't be good for you. Most intensively breed farm animals are more aggressive than they used to be and I was wondering if the hormones were passed on to humans, would it make them more aggressive also? Anyway something for me to ponder whist I dig the potato bed.

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