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Mar 12 2009

Posted By: Paul 08/05/2009 07:19:00

Just had a quick check on the weekend weather and it looks like we're in for a spell of wet weather. As my allotment is on a chalky base it will be sticky for several days so I'm off to the farm suppliers to get some sheets of polythene to cove the ground. That will keep it dry so I can be ready to did in the potatoes in next week. Everything else is germinating nicely on the window sills, in small pots covered in plastic bottles with the lids cut off works very well as individual greenhouses.

Aside for the garden, on of our chickens born last year has now decided it is a Cockerel and has taken to crowing. As we don't let them out overnight he crows inside his coop, so fortunately it's a muffled noise. His crowing has obviously impressed one of the Chickens as she has joined him in his coop and is currently sitting on a dozen eggs. Not that we need more chickens running around the garden, but it looks like it's forcing us towards the rearing of meat birds, which we have discussed briefly and then decided to worry about when we ended up with too many.

We've had a few people pointing out the links on the moon planting list have changed in style and length and can cause problems when you print them out. We think this is something caused by and update to the newsletter system which is out of our hands, but we are trying out a new idea for a cut-out-and-keep-list which should be ready in a few weeks.

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