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Pesky Pigeons

Posted By: 26/06/2009 10:02:00

This week I'm having a 'downer' on Pigeons.

Pigeons have turned my wonderful Cauliflowers into lace and then pecked the florets, they have destroyed a row of baby Cabbages, and ignored any of my neighbours crops. What's more upsetting is the fact I have them covered with netting. Last night I walked around the allotments looking at all the Pigeon deterrents being used, and the only solution I can see to have worked successfully is to build a large cage over the crops. The hanging DVD's and wind chimes certainly add to the general allotment ambience but from the look of the plants they are protecting they're not 100% successful. I was looking up in some of my old gardening books to see what the Victorians' would have done in their walled gardens and the answer was the gardens where occupied from Dawn until Dusk by all manner of people going about their chores. Short of moving into the allotments I can't see this being much help so this weekend I will be building a post a rail cage over the entire plot and then replanting the baby Brassicas.

With the rain we had last week the weeds are growing faster than ever and it's a daily chore to keep on top of them, I find the best way is to hoe the majority of them down and then pick an area and pull everything up by the roots. By doing it this way you increase the areas which stay weed free and keep on top of the remaining areas at the same time. Eventually you'll be mostly weed free.

On the animal front, Chickens and Sheep are doing fine with no problems. The Sheep are getting more used to us and are quite happy to feed from your hand, which is a good thing as it makes them easier to catch for checking for diseases etc.


Happy Gardening!

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