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Sep 25 2008

Posted By: Paul 07/05/2009 19:15:00

Last few days of September and the weather has been much kinder. Hopefully you're getting as much digging and ground preparation done as possible. This is a great time to get the plot ready for winter salads and lettuce. Also Green Manure should be sown now on ground that will not be used over winter.

This weekend I will be building a cover for the over wintering brassicas and lettuce. As I am growing a large area of crops, rather than buy small amounts of netting and building individual cloches, I have decided to erect a fruit cage over the whole lot. This will also help with keeping the Deer away form the crops, and it allows me enough room for easy access for weeding.

Once that is finished I need to dig the lower end of the plot as this has been used for fruit canes for five or so years, and I am in the process of moving them to a different location.

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