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Jul 24 2008

Posted By: Paul 26/03/2009 08:03:00

At last this week has given us some nice weather, and everything in the garden is loving it. The Tomatoes are ripening nicely and the Courgette's are popping out all over the place. The Peas and Runner Beans are doing well too. The medium range weather forecast for the UK shows fine weather for the rest of this month with Thundery showers from time to time. Keeping our fingers crossed for a good start to the harvest.

Keep everything watered well, and as the winds pick up tie tall plants to sturdy poles.


Aminopyralid Campaign Update

If you have already signed the Petition to the Prime Minister Thank you very much, and if you have not seen it yet please have a look here for some details of the campaign. As of a few minutes ago we where at almost a thousand people signed up in a week.

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