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Nov 27 2008

Posted By: Paul 08/05/2009 07:04:00

Last week of November and the Met Office has revised it's seasonal forecast. December is expected to be colder than usual according to the weather men, with the beginning of the month having wintry showers and leading into frosty nights later. So best get out and make sure everything is protected from the bad weather.

If you have followed the hotbed plan from last week, the compost 'mix' should be ready to place in the greenhouse by tuesday, which is just about the same time the colder weather gets to us, so with any luck your greenhouse should be toasty and warm for the next few weeks.

This week I am continuing to turn the manure and straw mixture so it builds up a good temperature and the composting process is well under way.

Also this week I will be placing corrugated plastic over the over wintering brassicas to protect them from the worst of the weather and the pigeons, and once I have finished it will be back to the shed to start the tidying up of the tools and machinery.

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