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Feb 12 2009

Posted By: Paul 08/05/2009 07:15:00

What a day it's been today, it seems like I've spent most of it chasing chickens back into their pen, and trying to keep the dog from digging up next doors garden. Eventually this newsletter will get to you, a bit late I'm afraid, but better than not at all. I've just checked the weather for the next few days, and it looks more like a typical February, cold and damp with frosts and maybe some snow showers thrown in too. Whilst I have loved the snow, I think it's time to focus on the coming spring. There's plenty of jobs in the offing, Celeriac, Leeks and Celery can all be sown indoors. Chitting Potatoes can be done (not sure if I mentioned it before, just in case I will keep the Claire's Allotment video), ready for planting in March. And with the ground warming in the sun of the past few days I might even get round to preparing the seed beds for next month. This weekend is time to turn the compost heap, and check to see if it can be used on the allotment. The last pile of manure can be dug into the beds ready for late spring planting.

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