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Jul 31 2008

Posted By: Paul 26/03/2009 08:04:00

The typical British summer weather, a mixture of sunshine and showers, has arrived and will stay with us for most of the next week. Thunder storms will be around for the weekend, so protect any delicate tall plants by tying them to canes or similar. Regular watering is the key task for the next month, and the best times to water are morning and evening, or both in hot weather.

If you have apple trees in the garden this is the time for summer pruning. There is a lot of information about summer pruning apples and it can be quite confusing, so here is a quick guide to help you.

The aim of summer pruning is to increase the air and light to the apples in the centre of the tree.

Summer pruning should be done on this years growth only.

Remove about a half of the growth of each shoot back to an outwards facing leaf.

When cutting, use a slanting cut to minimize the amount of dead wood.

Remove any shoots which cross or grow under others, leaving the outwards facing shoots.

That should keep disease away and allow the fruit to ripen nicely.


Aminopyralid Campaign Update

Shortly after the last newsletter it was announced by Dow AgroSciences they have withdrawn products containing Aminopyralid, and the Pesticides Safety Directorate is suspending any authorizations for the use of the products. Thanks to everyone who has signed the petition, we hope now the into the contamination will prove conclusive. (Hansard)

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