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Jan 8 2009

Posted By: Paul 08/05/2009 07:08:00

As the evenings are now getting noticeably lighter, the workload in the garden and the greenhouse will increase at a steady rate from now until August. So to make sure I'm not rushed off my feet and playing catch-up all the time, I will be very disciplined and do all the jobs straight way. I'm sure I said the same thing last year? One thing I have found very useful is to categorize jobs for 'Wet days' or 'Dry days'. Which means whatever the weather outside you can always look at a list of jobs and know there is something to be done, rather than putting off all the jobs until the weather gets better.

My jobs to do this week are to make sure I have enough pots, trays and compost for all the seeds I am going to sow. I will also be checking over all my tools and replacing any handles if required. I have also been shopping around for the best prices on First Early Seed Potatoes, and will be ready to order them at the end of this month. So they can be 'chitted' ready to sow at the end of February. Chitting is the process where the Potatoes are placed into an Egg tray with the eyes upwards. Store them in a shed, free from frost, and out of any direct sunlight, and they will start to produce shoots. You can plant them when the shoots have reached at least 2.5cm. By chitting the Potatoes it gives the earlier varieties a head start and produces a heavier crop earlier in the season.

Monty Don on Gardeners' World tested chitting and found it provided greater benefit to the earlier crops rather than the ones planted later in the season.

Oh, and talking of Gardeners World, have you seen the article in January's edition by Toby Buckland about Moon Planting?

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