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May 28 2009

Posted By: paul 04/06/2009 07:08:00

I love this time of the year, I end up eating so much fresh salad I'm starting to feel like a Rabbit.

I love this time of the year, I end up eating so much fresh salad I'm starting to feel like a Rabbit. It's down to the lack of fresh salad over the winter which makes me yearn for the stuff in the summer. I know you can get the 'Fresh' Salad bags from the Supermarket but their definition of fresh is not the same as mine, my salad doesn't get washed in an unknown mixture of chemicals and then stored in a bag of preserving gas. I also have a problem with the distances my food travels, I want to keep the carbon miles down to a minimum, my salad bed for example apart from using the postage for the seed to be delivered, and the growing time of the parent plants at the nursery have used no more carbon to produce crops. To reduce the carbon cost of my salad I can reduce the first two factors by letting some of the crop go to seed so I can harvest my own seeds and grow more for free. So I have an apology to Sebastian who last week asked my what I do with bolted Rocket. I said rip it up and start again, but now I've changed my mind, let some of it go to seed and then grow some more. Whilst we're on the subject of Salad, the raised bed is producing huge quantities of leaves, and the Kohl Rabi is now ready for eating. I'm going to try it thinly sliced and blanched then fried in a little Olive oil with Garlic, Capers and Black pepper. It should make a nice addition to an Antipasto. On the allotment this week, the weeds have returned with vengeance, and what with the heavy rain yesterday, and the hot and humid air today, this weekend will be a 'down on your knees pulling the weeds by hand' event. I've also got to put some Deer protection up to prevent them from eating the Sweet corn. Can't have the Three Sisters before they get started. The Potatoes have been earthed up again, and are growing well. A tip I have found useful for quick and easy earthing up is to use a Warren Hoe (the triangular one) to draw the earth up. I've been making do with a regular Hoe and turning it on it's side but it's not as easy as using the right tool for the job. The Broad Beans should be ready to have their tops picked out this week, but don't bin the tips, they taste great lightly boiled. That's about it for this week, remember to do as much as you can in the garden this weekend and then the 'Rapid' growing season won't get away with you. Make hay whilst the sun shines as they say.

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