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Jan 22 2009

Posted By: Paul 08/05/2009 07:11:00

This weeks forecast of snow showers failed to materialize here in Dorset, but there does seem to be a huge amount of Snowdrops out, much to the amusement of Maggie the Springer Spaniel. She has made it her sole aim in life to pull the little white flower heads off and leave them lying on the ground. I guess it's a Springer thing. Whilst the child in me would like to see enough snow to sledge in I suspect when it happens I'll spend my time worrying about the Broad beans, Onions and Brassicas. Well according to the weather forecast this week we are due for some serious rain today and Friday, so I had better find where the hole in my boots is and fix it.

This weekend's job is 'Chitting,Chitting, and more Chitting'. I have plenty of egg trays ready to go in the shed, and the Potatoes have just arrived. For more info on 'Chitting' see the Week 2 newsletter in the archives. Also this week I will be checking though to make sure I have ordered all my seeds, and then organize them ready for planting each month. Claire's Allotment have just released the first videos for this year, and one of them is all about organizing seeds.

Weather permitting I will be out and about this coming week finishing off the pruning of bushes etc.

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