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Onion & Garlic Sets

Posted By: Paul 07/09/2009 09:08:00

With September looming ever closer yesterdays weather was very autumnal and an early reminder of what can be expected over the next few months.

With the high winds at this time of the year there will be a bumper crop of wind fallen fruit to cope with. Most crops can stored ina cool dark place and used throughout the winter. Howeversoft fruits will not keep for very long using this type of storage so I would normally freeze the fruit. This year I wanted to try tobottle more of them and toadd some spices to enhance their flavours. One recipe I will try is Mulled Pears for which you will need to dissolve 125gms of sugar in 500ml of boiling water. Once dissolved add 500ml of Cider and bring back to the boil. Peal and half 1.5kg of Pears and place in sterile preserving jars with a few cloves, cinnamon sticks and some star anise. Pour on the syrup and loosely affix the lids to the jars. Place in a preheated oven at 150C for 1hour. Remove from the oven and quickly tighten the lids.

In between the preserving of the harvest and the sowing of Autumn Onion & Garlic sets I am also going to be building some cloches like the one I described a few weeks ago. This time I'll take some pictures and put together a guide on the website, along with the costing's and where I got all the bits to make them.

This weekend I am also preparing the new allotment for the over wintering Onions, Garlic sets and Spring Cabbages, and badger proofing Allotment #1 as the Sweet Corn has taken a beating and now only half of the crop is left. Also if I have any time left over I'll be doing some Mushroom hunting and might even get some Ceps if I'm lucky. Another job which needs doing now is to dig up the Chicory roots, remove the tops and re pot them in a 'Forcing shed' (any dark and warm place will do). The warmth will promote the growth of new shoots and the darkness will keep the shoots blanched. They can be cooked lightly in butter to provide some fresh winter veg. The same procedure can be used on Dandelions and they can be eaten in the same way.

Over the next month you maybe facing the first of this seasons frosts in the colder parts of the country so it's time to start thinking about your frost protection regime. Re-stock with fleece and straw and start bringing in tender plants. For the majority of the UK the first air frosts don't start until October, but early ground frosts can be a problem for delicate plants. I did a quick search on Ebay and found these products.

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