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Sep 11 2008

Posted By: Paul 07/05/2009 19:14:00

I was hoping to have good news from the Dorset County show this year, but unfortunately my longest Runner Bean did not win. Second place this year with a 26 inch monster. So preparations will start for next year in earnest. That is, if the weather will allow me to get out in the garden.

On a happier note our baby chicks are doing well and are now running free over the vegetable plot, eating Wireworms and Earwigs, whilst adding manure as they go. I find chickens fascinating, and they are such a wonderful investment. For a small initial outlay, and a relatively low upkeep they provide you with Eggs, Meat (if you want), and Organic pest control and manureing. And they are very relaxing to watch.

Harvesting of Squashes is continuing nicely, as are the Potatoes, and almost all the Tomatoes have gone. Never mind the thought of raking up the leaves and the smell of bonfires on Sunday afternoons is cheering me up no end.

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