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Posted By: Paul 08/12/2009 09:26:00

The coming weekend looks to be a perfect one for gardening so what should you be doing?

The coming weekend looks to be a perfect one for gardening so what should you be doing? Harvesting should be your priority, along with sowing some of next years crops. If the recent strong winds haven't blown all your apples off the trees you should be picking the ripe fruit before they fall and get damaged. Once picked, clean and dry each apple and store the best individually wrapped in newspaper. Store the apples in a cool dark place and check on a regular basis and remove any rotting fruit. With the bumper crops we've had this year there should be plenty of fruit to keep you eating apples into the winter. Also about now you should be digging up your main crop potatoes and storing them in potato sacks. Crops to be sowing now for next year should now include Broad Beans and hardy peas. Last year I had a lot of success with Sutton's Dwarf Broad Beans and will be sowing the same again this year. In anticipation of a similar winter to last year I will protect the crops in the worst of the winter weather with cloches.

Also this weekend is due to be quite busy with several local events planned, the first being a local Cheese Festival which is a chance for local producers to show off their wares, the second is the Goose Auction which is held twice a year. Lastly River Cottage is holding it's Autumn Fair which is now fully booked so you'll have to watch it on TV ina few weeks time. If you are lucky enough to already have tickets to the Autumn Fair you will be able to meet Eleanor Gallia who is a Medical Herbalist local to where I live. If you remember I went on a Herb Walk with her a couple of weeks ago and had a wonderful time learning about the medicines we can find growing in our local hedgerows. It was a fascinating couple of hours and you could easily spend a few months learning about the uses of native plants and how they can be used to heal us.

Yesterday whilst I was weeding plot number 2, I heard about one of my allotment neighbours who has covered their plot with mushroom compost only to discover a few days later the whole plot was covered with mushrooms. As we are now entering the best season for mushroom growing I thought I might let you know about this 'inter cropping' technique so you can contact your local mushroom farm and maybe get a bonus crop of mushrooms whilst fertilising your plot. You should note the mushroom compost can be quite alkaline in it's make up and therefore it might not be suitable for fruit crops which prefer a neutral acidity.

I hope you have a great weekend and you get loads done in the garden.

Happy Gardening!


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