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Aug 14 2008

Posted By: Paul 26/03/2009 08:06:00

This morning I checked the temperature, as I do most mornings and I was amazed to see the thermometer displaying 10ºC, is Autumn early this year? I've been noticing a definite nip in the air for the past week as I feed the chickens. It's reminded me to build a new leaf mould bin this year. Last year we collected the leaves and put them on the compost heap, but it didn't take long to fill it. So this year I will use chicken wire to make a bin measuring 3 x 1 metres, and 1.5 metres high. Must get it all ordered!

In the meantime I'm tidying up the ground when the crops have finished, and preparing them for next years Brassicas.

Also this week, I am removing all the leaves from my tomatoes, and I'm just leaving the very top leaves and a few around the new flowers. This will concentrate the energy of the plant into producing fruit.

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