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The start of Autumn

Posted By: Paul 08/12/2009 09:24:00

How to make Marrow Chutney

What a difference seven days makes in the weather, last week I was thinking how it was almost feeling autumnal, and yesterday it was full on, windy, rainy autumn day. I was standing on the top of a local hill wrapped in my bestest water proof gear watching the dog being blown all over the place and realising how un-waterproof my coat was. I could see the allotments from where I was and if it wasn't for the large amounts of greenery growing on the plots it could have been the depths of late autumn. It's days like yesterday which change my internal body clock to match the up and coming season. So from now on I'm in autumn mode.

After my drenching I returned home to find the chickens huddled under the bushes in their pen, their look of dejection turned rapidly into one of hope when I appeared, and as I gave them marrow peelings they soon forgot the weather. The peelings were left overs from the marrow, apple and green tomato chutney which I have been making over the past few days. Quick recipe; 500gms of apples, tomatoes, marrows, onions, sultanas and brown sugar. 600ml wine vinegar. salt and chili flakes to taste. Make a spice bag with black pepper corns, cloves, crushed ginger root and coriander seeds. Simmer all the ingredients for several hours (2-3) until the mixture becomes gloopy and looks like a chutney texture. Bottle in sterilised jars and leave for a month or so to mature. It's a very satisfying way of using up the last of the years fresh produce.

Now I'm feeling autumnal I can't wait to get the Crown Prince Squash harvested and make some Squash and Cumin soup, but I will have to wait for a few weeks at least as the squashes aren't quite ready yet. I was also looking forward to some sweet corn but the Badgers have had almost all of it and all that's left are a few weary stems. Mental not for next year to grow the sweet corn in a cage.

As the weather is so nice this morning i'm going to cut the waffle and get out and do some weeding before it starts raining again so I will leave you now and hope you have a great weekend.


Happy Gardening!


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