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Rain has gone

Posted By: 23/02/2011 08:35:00

Finally the rain has stopped and today is the first chance I have had for a while to get outside and do some work.

With the first really cold weather about to arrive with frosts and a potential of snow I thought I would spend the day chopping down some of the wind damaged trees on a nearby farm and replenishing my wood store. Whilst I am cutting down trees I will be replacing them with seedlings which have grown wild and can be safely moved at this time of the year. Also while I'm wandering around the woods I'll keep and eye out for some evergreen foliage to make some Christmas decorations.

As far as jobs in the garden go, the ground is too wet at the moment to do anything but as it dry's out the first thing to do will be to dig a composting trench for next years beans. This will involve digging a trench one spade depth deep and lining the bottom with newspaper or cardboard. Then put a thin layer of well rotted compost onto of the paper. Then save all of your kitchen vegetable waste and put it into the trench. Fill the trench with soil to stop pests and vermin from eating the scraps. Next year you can now plant your beans where the trench was and the roots will be encouraged to grow more deeply to reach the nutrients.

I heard an interesting fact this week about carrot growing. I have been aware that planting carrots and other root crops into freshly manured soil would result in the forking of the carrots, but the reason I thought this happens was because of the high amounts of nitrogen in the soil. Apparently this is not the case and the RHS say the reason is because the manure increases the amount of Nematodes and Enchytraeids in the soil and the latter feed on the hair roots of plants. The result being the growth of the carrots moves to other hair roots and the carrots grow into funny shapes. Anyway, enough of the interesting facts I'm off to cut trees.

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