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Aug 21 2008

Posted By: Paul 26/03/2009 08:07:00

Well summer is drawing to an end, and the season of vegetable shows is upon us. Today is the 'Melplash Show', which is one of the smaller agricultural shows in Dorset. But just because it's small it doesn't mean it's unimportant. As I am due to be showing some veg at the Dorchester Show at the beginning of next month I can use this show as a guide to other peoples successes and failures.

With this unseasonable cold and wet weather we have been having my vegetables think it's Autumn already, and as a result most things have finished already. Almost all of the Tomatoes have ripened, been harvested, and eaten or stored. Which leaves Runner Beans, Squashes, and Potatoes as my main vegetable entries. To be honest, I don't hold much hope for any prizes this year.

Meantime, back on the plot I am preparing the ground for over wintering crops, such as Spring Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Onion sets. When the rain lets me that is. The forecast for the next week seems a little better for the south of the UK but the North is going to suffer with heavy rain and storms.

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