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Mar 5 2009

Posted By: Paul 08/05/2009 07:17:00

Another 'Snow Day' for us in Dorset, and I awoke to find 10cms of snow covering everything in sight. Unfortunately this is the wet heavy snow which brings down trees, and wrecks bushes and hedges. So I have been out and about first thing, knocking the snow off all the branches with a broom, and supporting the bushes bent over with the weight of the snow. The chicken run was also damaged, and the netting roof was brought down by the snow. Which only adds to the annoyance of the chickens who are already convinced snow is the sky and it has fallen just as the prophet Chicken Licken foretold. To take their minds off the disaster, I scatter corn for them to eat, but they simply stare at the holes in snow and wonder where the corn went. Poor things, they'll feel better by lunchtime as the snow is melting fast now.

This week's jobs will be indoor seed sowing and checking on the young seedlings which are already growing. The chitting potatoes are going a little slower that I would have liked but they'll be fine in the end.

This weeks video is an update from Claire's Allotment, and she's talking about where she gets her seeds from. If you follow the links back to her YouTube channel, there are several other new videos too.

Lastly this week, Children's TV programme Blue Peter, is giving away seed packs to help Bees. It's a great idea to get the children involved with Bee conservation and hopefully raising the awareness of the plight of the Bees. To get your child a pack fill in the form here

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