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Oct 30 2008

Posted By: Paul 07/05/2009 19:20:00

Last week I was saying how lucky we had been with the weather here in Dorset! This week I shall keep quiet about the weather just in case it brings us a hurricane to spite me. Hope everyone is well and the gardens are not suffering too serious damage.

First week of November is looming large and tidying the garden is my main job this week. Not being a great flower gardener has meant the garden hasn't altered much since the previous owners, but I am feeling more inspired to leave my mark on the garden next year. So over the next few months I will put together a plan of how I want it to look.

Fruit trees, Oak trees, and assorted deciduous plants have all dropped their leave over the last week, so the leaf mould bin is bulging at the sides. But this will soon settle and allow more leaves to be added.

The allotment has all but finished for the year, apart from the successions of sowings of Broad Beans over the next few weeks. When the ground dry's up I will take the hoe to any young weeds brave enough to show their leaves.

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