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Nov 6 2008

Posted By: Paul 07/05/2009 19:21:00

November already, where does the time go to? Thankfully it has been dry for a few days which gives me a chance to hoe the allotment and decapitate the new weeds before they get established and hand weed where the hoe can't reach.

This week I will harvest the first of the Jerusalem Artichokes which have been growing in the same location for several years. Now I have a problem with Jerusalem Artichokes, as do many people, and that is they promote gastric pain and wind. I'm sorry to bring up this subject but it is a problem shared by many people. I love the taste of them but I'm afraid they don't agree with me. The reason for the problem is the carbohydrate stored in the artichoke is not starch, but is Inulin, and some people, including me cannot process inulin and the result is......unplesant. But I have recently found that the quantity of Inulin is reduced towards the end of February so I may have to try just a few now and then wait till next year for the remainder of the harvest. In the meantime I shall mulch the ground with manure to replenish the nutrients in the ground ready for next years crop

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