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Jun 11 2009

Posted By: 26/06/2009 10:01:00

Sheep are the funniest farm animals by far, or that's what I've decided anyway.

Twice a day I walk around the field checking the flock for any of the millions of ailments which might kill them at a moments notice. (This is known as 'Lookering' apparently). While I am walking around the Sheep follow me with their eyes and the vaguest of expressions. It's not the same way Cows look at you, they seem to have a bit of 'understanding' in their eyes. They seem to question your presence in their field and generally wonder 'Why you're there?'. Sheep don't have the same level of consciousness, they stare at you and the impression you get from them is that they are saying 'Chew...chew...chew...breathe..chew...chew...chew'. The moment they forget the words they die of one of the millions of superficial diseases that any other animal could shrug off with a sneeze or cough. There is one Sheep however who seems to be a little different. Stan is his name and his thought process seem to follow a different pattern. He watches you intently as you wander around the field in a manner which I can best describe as unnerving. You wouldn't want to turn your back on him just in case. As you watch him you can imagine him saying 'Chew...chew...chew...breathe..chew...KILL....chew' .

SheepI'm not sure if this picture is really doing him justice but can you tell which one he is?



Here is a closer view of Stan Stanjust don't stare into his eyes too long or you'll see the swirling fires of hell and then you'll go mad.

Anyway, aside from Stan and his unnerving stare, the sheep seem to be doing well in their new home and are enjoying the fresh grass. I have discovered a previouslly unkown fact (to me anyway) Sheep don't like cats, and they chase them away as soon as they see them. I don't know why, they just do?

In case you where wondering what type of sheep they are these are Dorset Downs crossed with Jacob's. Don't know if it's a good cross to have, but should be interesting finding out.

This week I had an email back from Nadia near Granada, and she can confirm Bindweed does grow above 1000 metres, she is at 1200m and has plenty of the stuff in her garden. So I'm not going to worry about mine any more and I'll just get on with weeding it out instead.

This weeks tasks as well as the weeding, include pollinating the Chilies and Tomatoes. When I first grew Chilies I had a lot of flowers failing to produce any peppers so I used a cotton bud to pass pollen around the plants and had greater success. I also started to use the same method with the Tomatoes in the greenhouse, not sure if it helps or not, but I'm not going to stop just in case. Whilst I am in the greenhouse I will also side shoot the tomatoes and tie them up as they get taller.

On the allotment I will continue to thin the Turnips, Carrots and Lettuce, and hoe and weed everyday. Also I will turn all the leaves on the brassicas over to check for caterpillars and eggs.

Happy Gardening!


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