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Mar 26 2009

Posted By: Paul 08/05/2009 07:20:00

The clocks are changing this weekend so from now on there will be plenty of light in the evening to get out into the garden. Which is just as well because there is loads to do. With April round the corner there are lots of seeds ready to be sown, so check you seed packs to make sure you haven't missed any. Last weekend I was building a new raised bed in the garden for Salad crops which is one metre wider and seven long. Its also one metre high, but that's because it is part of a retaining wall to keep the lawn level. In the future it will become a bed in a greenhouse I am going to build. Again the chickens have been very helpful while I was digging, but they can be a bit of a problem when they insist on searching every spade of soil for worms and grubs. I even had one very bold hen standing on the spade of earth I was trying to move. Anyway it is all done now, and I am building a framework to cover the bed with netting to keep the chickens, dog, cats and child off the lettuce.

This weekend is time for the Aubergines, Peppers and Peas to be sown, today the Cauliflower and Cabbage seedlings are going in and will be covered with cloches. Later next week the Carrots and other roots also need be sown.

Also this week I have been talking to the head gardener, Iain Davies at Minterne Magna which is a local estate and gardens. Currently it houses one of the largest collections of Rhododendrons in the UK. It also had four very impressive walled gardens which used to have 13 greenhouses dating back to the Georgian period. Unfortunately the walled gardens have been unmanaged for 90 years or so, and are now ready for some major restoration. So Iain is setting out the plan for the restoration project. which I will be documenting every step of the way. It's also a fantastic opportunity to get to use the traditional techniques in there original surroundings. So I'll keep you posted as to how the plans are progressing.

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