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Feb 26 2009

Posted By: Paul 08/05/2009 07:16:00

Firstly, I'm going to start off this week with a bit of shameless begging. It's awards time and the nominations for the Gardeners' World Awards 2009 are now being accepted, and we at the Gardeners Calendar would like to ask you to please vote for us in the Service Award for best online retailer of the year (Section 11) ( Thank you.

Secondly, how are you getting on with the new design? It's over a year since we changed the design and to be honest there where a few issues with the text on a transparent background. We hope the site is clearer to read now, and a bit more organized. Let me know what you think

Lastly, my usual rant about gardening jobs. I spent most of the weekend out in a beautiful 'spring like' weather digging over the potato beds and checking on the over-wintering veg. The potato beds have been left for about five years and the Rosemary and Horseradish had all but taken over. The Horseradish is now planted along the North-Eastern edge of the plot as an experiment to see if it can reduce the transit of slugs and snails into my plot from the hedge and path. The Rosemary is now next to the Blackcurrant, and Gooseberry bushes.

The over-wintering Broad Beans were sown on a south facing slope of earth using a Victorian technique which supposedly catches more of the winter sun. Using a non-scientific test in the late Feb. sun I can confirm the soil on the slope was noticeably warmer to the touch than the flat ground in the bed next door, so maybe there is something to it. The beans have suffered from a severe case of Roe Deer, and all but 4 of them have been nibbled to the ground, so a replacement wire mesh tunnel is being ordered and will protect the early sowings this year. The over-wintering Onions are looking great, and with the help of a fine mesh to stop the 'bored' crows from pulling them out of the ground they look to have survived the cold weather nicely. The Brassicas however, would appear to be beyond help. I have sown some replacements in pots already as hopefully all will not be lost.

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