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Rat Catcher

Posted By: 23/02/2011 08:39:00

A bit of a rushed newsletter today as I'm busy in the garden de-ratting the chicken shed.

All this cold weather has forced the rats to become a bit bolder than they normally would be. The result is they have bitten through the chicken wire fencing on the chicken shed and have built a nest in the floor. So there I am trying to move the shed and direct the cats into the nest, but as you would expect with cats they are more amused by me trying to move the shed than catching the rats.

Being the new year I have just received the Spring Catalogue from Marshalls, 120 odd pages of Fruit and Vegetables to get the mouth watering. I've been reading it whilst I put my feet up in front of the fire and watch the snow falling outside. What a great time of year it is. If you are having loads of snow too, make sure you knock it off the trees and hedges before they are damaged.

Must go now and continue with the rat chasing.

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